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Recent Requests

Need plumbing repair - have a leak of 1/2" water pipe in basement one 90 degree and one straight connection

Floyd B

I just bought a house and the electric stove is old and I want to replace it with a gas stove. There is a line into the unfinished basement from the street, but it ends at the front of the basement. I would need a line run from there to the rear of the basement and up through the floor into the kitchen. I'd like to talk to someone about the cost of doing this.

Brett B

I replaced the wax seal twice and the toilet is still leaking. 2nd time I used a waxless seal and it is still leaking. can't figure out why.

Richard L

We have a slow, tiny leak in the cold water intake copper pipe to our hot water heater, needs to be resealed with solder at the joint.

Jason K

My kitchen sink does not drain properly-it appears to have a clog deep into the pipe as it takes a several seconds prior to backing up. Tried multiple drain agents and snake with no remedy. Checked air vent and no issue there. Unable to get clog to clear. Need professional help. Thanks

Jeff W

it have 2 pipes leaking in my basement, that I need fixed. Thanks,

Anna M

Our shower head was leaking. My husband replaced it. The new shower head is leaking and we are stumped!

Geri F

Need Plumbing inspected and leaks repaired in a home I just purchased.

Robert H

Hello, I rent a house were the garbage disposal stopped working and I need an estimate. Please let me know. Thanks!

Carolina D

We have a kitchen sink with garbage disposal, washing dishes drained water from sink, suddenly stopped and would not drain. Tried liquid plumr foaming snake no results, tried liquid plumr urgent clear no results. Water is draining but at a snail pace. Several hours to drain 2 gallons of water. Would like estimate please before proceeding Thank you...

Robert S